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Welcome Standard Insurance!

Jan 25, 2011, 11:00 AM

The private sector is described as the engine of a country's economic growth and development.

That is why the recent launching of Standard Insurance/Reinsurance Brokers (G) Limited in the country is indeed a welcome development.

The new development would rob more grease on the elbow of the insurance industry in The Gambia, through products and services, job creation, insurance awareness, and contribution to the country's economic growth.

Insurance is important, to make provision for the lives and property of people. It can be expensive and may seem like a waste of money, when you don't make a claim. However, one comes to always realize the importance of it when one is faced with a situation of big loss or damage, which could be life or property. It is therefore vital to be insured, and Standard Insurance Brokers have come to take you through the rudiments of insurance policies and claims procedure.

We would also like to encourage the new comer insurance company to consider joining the Insurance Association of The Gambia, the institution that serves as the umbrella body for insurance entities in the country, if they have not yet done so.

We also want to remind Standard Insurance and all other insurance companies in the country to improve on insurance education in order to increase awareness about the industry.

People have to understand the importance of insurance to their lives, before they would actually see the necessity to be insured. This also means intensified education campaign in the country by insurance companies, Standard Insurance being one of them.

So we wish Standard Insurance all the best, and would like them to know that the harvest is theirs!