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Welcome KORA FM

Apr 21, 2011, 2:39 PM

We would like to welcome Kora FM Radio to the Gambian media landscape.

We are also pleased to learn that the new FM will be concentrating more on youths and the elderly through its programming.

Radio work, of course, is all about innovation and creativity without which one cannot attract a good audience.

Since there are many FM stations already in the country, we encourage the new comer to learn from the old ones some best practices, and create more innovative and educative programs.

It would also be good if Kora FM could provide its listeners with news through newspaper reviews which will give it an edge over many local FM stations.

The role of the media is not only limited to entrainment, but most importantly educating and informing.

These are cardinal principles of the media, and must be known and practiced by all media practitioners, including Kora FM.

We call on the management of the new FM radio to come up with more educational programmes that are of benefit  to the society.

The radio should initiate programmes that will be of importance  to society, and nothing else.

We appeal to the public and private sector to help the radio achieve its desire objectives, and this can be only done through sponsored programmes, and placing advertisement with Kora FM, as this is the only way the radio can also survive, and continue to serve the people.