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Week Seven Banjul Nawetan update

Oct 25, 2011, 11:37 AM


Teams are still reporting late for matches and that is the reason for matches been played 35 minutes rather than the normal time. All matches are scheduled to start at 4.00PM and not for teams to report at the ground at 4.00PM. Teams should endeavor to report at the ground by 3.30Pm to ensure they have sufficient time to fill the match form and warm up properly. Also, reporting early is part of the preparation for matches.

Teams are also wasting so much time before the start of the first half and second half on unnecessary prayers and rituals. This is causing so much delay and consumes a lot of time which is the cause of matches to be replayed. We are urging teams to get on with the matches and stop the unnecessary praying and rituals which have no bearing on the match. The Committee will address the issue if the teams continue the practice. 


We are reminding all teams again to contribute to the Dello Njokal initiative to pay for the nomination fee of His Excellency The President Sheikh Professor Dr Yahya A J J Jammeh as he has promise to assist us in the development of the second phase of the Banjul Mini Stadium. As a Half Die boy that have graced the then Bye Half Die )KG5) and he is willing to support our noble objective to have ten thousand seating capacity pavilions, our thank you to him is for all players to contribute D1 to the Dello Nkojal. 


The Committee received an appeal from One Love after their match against Revelation on Saturday, 22nd November 2011 which Revelation won by two goals to one. The appeal was against Alagie Sanneh of Revelation who played during the qualifying rounds for Plumbi United but did not play during the first round of the Nawetaan. One Love cited Article 1.1.7 which states that “Players who plays in the qualifying rounds for a team that has qualify in the Nawetaan proper will not be able to transfer to another team for the duration of the Nawetaan”, whilst Revelation relies on the provision of Article 1.1.4 which states that “player(s) registered with a team but failed to play in the first round will have automatic transfer to move to another team”. Both teams used the contradiction of these two articles and were correct to interpret it as they deemed fit.

This is a failure and administrative blunder by the Committee for not ensuring that the Nawetaan Rules and Regulations, 2011 was clear and not in contradiction for teams to exploit to there own advantage. In this vein, under Article 15.1.5, the Committee has decided to maintain the results of the match and refund One Love their D2000 appeal fee.

Also, the Rules and Regulations will be amended for the 2012 Nawetaan to address this issue.