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We Wish the Tragedy Would Stop

Apr 1, 2009, 5:47 AM

How distressing it is to once again read that more than 300 Africans, including women and children, are feared to have drowned after their boats capsized off Libya during a new upsurge of illegal migration to Europe.

At least 23 bodies of drowned migrants were recovered by Libyan coastguards near the wreckage of three rickety boats which sailed from the coastal village of Sidi Belal near Tripoli, Libya's most influential daily, Oea, said on Tuesday, quoting security officials.

One of the boats was carrying 365 people although it was only supposed to hold 75, Libyan officials said. It was one of four migrant ships, which sailed from Libya between Saturday and Sunday, apparently heading for Italy.

These poor souls were searching for a better life but found only death. Illegal migration remains one of the greatest threats to our society and even though we do a lot to combat it it is painfully clear that we must do more.

There is a severe economic depression in Europe so even if these poor people make it there they will find a life just as tough as in Africa but without family or friends to help them through the worst times.

We must create more opportunity here for young people so they will stay. We must also try and stamp out encouragement from family members to go. This will take intensive education schemes all over the country but will bear fruit.

We pray for the day when our young people will no longer take to the seas in search of a better life because the life they have here will be too good to leave.