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‘We will turn CRR’s challenges to opportunities,’ says new governor

Mar 21, 2017, 10:11 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The newly-appointed governor of Central River Region, Sulayman Barry, has said one of his key priorities as a governor is to make an assessment to understand the ongoing projects, as well as know the achievements and challenges of his region.

Governor Barry said in this process, he would work with all the stakeholders within the region so that together they can begin to turn the region’s challenges to opportunities.

Speaking to this reporter in Banjul, the governor said currently, he and his office team are working with the stakeholders in the region to understand what they have been doing, what they have achieved, and their challenges.

“When we understand that, then we will be able to understand how and where to begin,” he said.

Reacting to his appointment, Barry said it is a national call, and “I accepted the appointment wholeheartedly”. 

“I do understand that CRR it is one of the biggest regions and, as such, it has many challenges, but one of my tasks now is to turn those challenges into opportunities.  There are lots of challenges, but also there are lots of hopes.  My office and other stakeholders in the region will work together to see how we can turn the challenges around into opportunities.”


Mr Barry, prior to his appointment as governor, was working at the Gambia Revenue Authority as the deputy director of compliance, taxpayer education, and capacity building. 

Before GRA, he worked at the Gambia College as a lecturer; he left the college as principal lecturer.

He has wide experience in people management, organisational development, and capacity building.