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We Want to be stable like The Gambia, Guinea Bissau Special Envoy

Apr 29, 2011, 2:09 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

A special envoy of President Malam Beckai Sagnia of Guinea Bissau, Rt. Colonel Omar US Embalo, minister of State for African Affairs and International Cooperation in Bissau, has lauded the peace in The Gambia, saying that Guinea Bissau will like to be stable like The Gambia one day.

Rt. Colonel Omar US Embalo was speaking to journalists yesterday afternoon after meeting President Yahya Jammeh at State House.

He said he was at State House as a special envoy of President Sagna to seek advice from President Jammeh.

"I am here to take some advice from President Jammeh as a leader who has been there before my President, and to inform him about the real situation in Guinea Bissau, and discuss matters between the two countries," Embalo said.

According to him, he is in Banjul as a special envoy of President Malam Bekai Sagnia to deliver a special message to President Jammeh, and that they also talked about the regional situation.

"President Jammeh is today an important head of state in Africa, and we need to listen to him to give us his point of view. I'm so happy to be received by President Jammeh, and I can say that I am in my home; really I'm so appreciative, and would like to thank the people of The Gambia for everything," he added.

Describing The Gambia as a peaceful country, the Guinean envoy declared that he would like to see all African countries be like The Gambia.

"We don't buy peace. You see the case of Libya today; that country has a lot of money and resources, but they are trying to destroy all that because they have a civil war.

"Thank God today, we have peace in our country after fighting for a very long time, which destroyed our country; and that is why, from time to time, we come to Gambia to seek advice from President Jammeh to tell us his experience, from which we can learn," he stated.

Embalo concluded by commending President Jammeh for his role in finding lasting peace in Guinea Bissau.