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Feb 13, 2017, 11:45 AM

The talk of the town over the weekend and this week is about the man – the former State House security guard - who was apprehended on Friday at the King Fahad Mosque with a pistol with a silencer, which was discovered in the pocket of his vest by state security officials using a metal detector.

The incident occurred when President Barrow was at the mosque for Friday prayers.

As this is shocking and a big surprise to many, if not all, the incident should serve as a lesson for security officials to be always vigilant and resist anyone, whosoever wants to disrupt the peace of this nation or destabilize the country.

Why go to the mosque with a gun? Why was the person having such a thing in his vest pocket, and for what purpose?

The man in question should give reasons to the government and the general public for such a scaring and threatening action.

This means that the president should reinforce his security and, when he is going about to attend state functions and other meetings, people going around that vicinity or environment should be well screened.

Once a bullet, for instance, is released it does reverse until it hits its target or something else.

So we should always be vigilant and mindful of the fact that there are evil people in our midst.

Even in public transports, the security should conduct regular checks to keep us all safe.

Since we are approaching the Independence celebrations, and even after it, we should be vigilant enough, especially at our borders, the ferry terminals, and the airport.

The security people should be equipped and given incentives to patrol at night.

We would, therefore, like to commend the security detail of the president for their vigilance and professionalism in swiftly arresting the suspect.

“I think it’s always important to be vigilant of what you’re doing and aware of your surroundings. ”

Leona Lewis