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We Don't Have to Cure Disease

Sep 23, 2008, 6:01 AM

Gambia's celebration of 'Traditional Medicine Day' , initiated by the World Health Organisation, is a gesture to be resoundingly applauded. In this celebration we can see a new development which, if sustained, can yield high dividends in the vital areas of personal health and national development.

If, say, conventional and traditional health practitioners converge and work together, chances are that new medical discoveries would result, and help the global struggle for the elimination or reduction of disease.

For while it is true that medical science has made some strides especially in modern times, it is also true that traditional medicine has not gone without its successes, many of which have been achieved in relatively much less time. With traditional medicine it is possible to cure diabetes and high blood pressure in the space of a few weeks, while some other conditions such as ulcers, piles,gynecological and skin problems can he cleared in a matter of only days. Of course it should be borne in mind that it takes conventional medicines a much longer time to treat, and sometimes unsuccessfully. Therefore why don't we cash in on traditional medical experience to gain mutual benefits? Together, conventional and traditional medicine can produce what either cannot achieve independently.

It is our point, however, that in our endeavor to achieve good health individually and as a nation, greater attention should be given to preventative methods. In this we are already fortunate that through research the causes of most diseases are already well known. We should then begin to utilize that knowledge to include preventative health, widespread public education and awareness programmes and campaigns.

This way we do not have to spend lots of time and resources in curing diseases.

We don't have to cure disease - we only need to prevent it!