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We Cannot Afford to Quarrel

Jan 19, 2009, 7:48 AM

Gambia and Senegal are either condemned or blessed to live together. Following the revelation by Gambia President Professor Alhagi Yahya Jammeh, that relationship between the two countries are not cordial, we once again appeal to both Heads of State to convene soon an extra-ordinary Summit inorder to iron out areas of misunderstanding, differences or mistrust.

It should be noted that the two countries are like two rooms of the same house. Everyone knows we share a common culture and language. We are related in blood also. In that context, therefore, we should not allow Satan to create for us divisions of mistrust, discord, spite or enmity of any kind.

We would be unintelligent if we do and ever live to regret it.

Let us endeavour to establish mutual respect, love and trust. Let us live instead by our God given culture, heritage, kinship. If we do not take, appreciate and cherish what God has given us, we might have to take what Satan would happily push to us. And may God forbid that eventuality. For a long time this paper has strenuously advocated for peace and unity between the two countries. Infact Gambia and Senegal should be made to serve as a role model for the rest of the African continent. We have the special heritage and peoples of the same kith and kin that is unique. We have unique qualities of love and peace and deep respect for religion. The two countries, lucky as they are in these respects should take advantage of fostering the special relations that exist between them, in all spheres of development and human activity. Without even our subregional protocols or conventions, our two countries should knowingly exercise special mutual privileges and advantages: We should on our own volition encourage free movement of person's goods, and services between us.

We should extend national, facilities to each other without mush let or hindrance.

It would be good to re-open the Senegalo- Gambian Secretariat to help facilitate transactions between the two governments especially in administrative and technical matters. Lots more can be done between these two historically - related countries. They sky is the limit. In life we cannot prevent problems even among families even between the teeth and the tongue, but we must always endeavour to solve problems.

Long Live Senegalo - Gambian Unity and Cooperation!

"We make our friends, we make our enemies; but God makes our next-door neighbour."
G.K Chesterton