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Guinea-Bissau again!

Apr 16, 2012, 1:50 PM

We strongly condemn the attack on the residences of the acting president of Guinea Bissau and Prime Minister, and the coup.

The action once again shows the level of power struggle among members of the Bissau army.

The unconstitutional seizure of power should not be condoned any more in the African continent, and we urge the Bissau army to ensure a quick return to civil and constitutional rule.

The military putsch in the poor, volatile former Portuguese colony was the second such military seizure of power in West Africa in a month, following the earlier coup in Mali in March that has raised fears of worsening instability in the region.

We call on the Bissau military to restore power to civilians, and go back to the barracks as soon as possible.

We urge the international community, including ECOWAS and the AU to take severe action against the country and its military leaders involved in recent developments, should they fail to restore civilian rule.

The country was in the middle of electing a president to replace Malam Bacai Sanha, who died in a Paris hospital in January after an illness.

This democratic process should not be threatened, and the army must perform their constitutional responsibilities only.

We must stress that the issue of tribalism and nepotism is not good for the progress of any country, as suspected is the case in Guinea-Bissau.

These menace would not take any country forward, rather brings will only go backward.

Our sub regional leaders must unite in purpose against any form of coup in Guinea Bissau, and ensure that they address the crisis with urgency.

Bissau Guineans must show serious commitment to restore democracy in their country, for the betterment of the country and the sub-region as a whole.