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War victim seeks for help

Oct 19, 2010, 2:51 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

A 22-year-old Sierra Leonean refugee shot in the elbow at the age of 14 is still undergoing severe pains of the aftermath of that fatal shot that has left his arm hanging lifeless for all these years.

Adamie Kamara, whose ordeal started after sustaining a shot in his native village of Zimi Magbay in Southern Sierra Leone, is in dire need of medical help to further cure his arm.

Narrating his ordeal to The Point, Adamie Kamara burst into tears as he recalled how his parents were shot dead only for him to survive with a broken arm.

He said the rebels thought they were all dead but he was fortunate. "I later joined others and we went to the forest and lived there for six months on no proper food and medication," he said. "I used native medication until 1999 when I was taken out of the bush by royal soldiers who took me to Kenema. I was operated on and the bullets were removed, but the operation was not done well and so I am still living in pain."

Since then, he said, his hands have become useless. "I had another operation, which eased the pain but there was no elbow. I always support the arm with my left hand. It is really difficult for me," he said.

Adamie lives with friends and on handouts. He said if his right hand were functional he would have been able to fend for himself and led a better life. He also said he has no parent or brother to care for him.

"I have gone to the RVTH and I was asked to pay D300.00 for check up. I have not been able to return there for lack of the D300. I need help to start treatment with even the RVTH," Adamie said.

He said he always feels severe pains in his head, eyes and other parts of his body including his arm. "I have been in pain since 2000. I need help from President Jammeh and any other individuals, philanthropists or organisations," he appealed.

Adamie Kamara can be reached on these numbers for help: 7613049 or 6506975.