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WAFU Congratulates GFA on U-17 Victory

Apr 15, 2009, 7:04 AM

The West Africa Football Union (WAFU) executive committee has joined the ever growing number of persons and organizations wallowing in the success of the Gambia U-17 at the African U-17 championship.

In letter sent to the Gambia Football Association signed by the Secretary General of the West African football body Aka Malan lauded the team and FA for putting up a great performance in Algeria that won them the championship for the second time.

The message reads: The executive committee congratulates The Gambia Football Association for the team's remarkable performance in Algeria.

Being champions, The Gambian team stole the show and registered itself in the history for the second time to play in the U-17 World Cup.

This performance is of course the result of a policy set up by the current steering committee of the national football association.