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VOX POP On The International Women's Day

May 15, 2009, 7:08 AM

The Gambian women last Saturday came together at the July 22nd for a MarchPass in commemoration of International Women's Day celebration. This is a day that is set aside to celebrate women's contributions to national and global development and to further identify challenges faced by them so as to map out forward looking strategies. The celebration also provide, a unique opportunity for women to network amongst themselves, share experiences and good practices. The Theme for this year is "Ending Violence Against Women and Girls".

At the event I caught up with some women leaders who gave their opinion towards the celebration. Please read below:

Aji Amie Jatta, lady councilor Kanifing municipal council and the founder of Taku ligge skills centre: this day is a very important day for us, and its a day for every woman because issues that will be addressed here will be a concern to every woman, because the

Theme for this year is "Ending Violence Against Women and Girls" which I know is a very good step but it can't be done in the absence of women. We need to work closely with our leaders whose dreams are to see that we achieve our goals, its all about oneness. I am urging all the women to be each other's keeper and always prepare to work hard and whenever such event happens no woman should wait to be called, we should all come together and celebrate it as one family regardless of where you come from or which tribe you belong to. On this note I am wishing every woman in The Gambia and the world at large a happy international women's day.

Aji Louise Jobe Councilor for Banjul: first of all I would like to congratulate all the women including the Vice President and Minister for Women's Affairs and also the First Lady Madam Zeinab Jammeh on this joyous day. It's a day that needs to be celebrated as far as the theme is concerned, which is ending violence against us and our daughters, I hope and pray that we realize our dreams one day. I would also want to advise all the women to be hard working towards the contribution of nation building, Let's try by all means and educate our children, as they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Aji Salka Faal Lady Councilor for Jeshwang: the day is a great day in women's calendar, because it's a clear manifestation that shows the importance of women in the world. I think if we all come together and work hard every thing will be fine, because we really have a great opportunity as Gambian women as far as the president's women and girls empowerment is concerned. I think our gathering here is very vital because it's a sign of oneness and love among ourselves because we are here for one celebration and wish we celebrate the day and end it in peace. May we continue to celebrate many more to come.

Mary Thomas, Chief Layout Editor and Web Manager of The Point Newspaper: a day set aside to celebrate the International Women's day is very necessary, it gives women chance to express their views and beliefs. As for The Gambia it is worthwhile, because we have already set some vital examples in the government, as our second in command is a woman by the name Dr. Aja Isatou Njie Saidy, handful of women as ministers, Speaker of the House to name a few, and women in so many high ranking positions. As for this year's theme, its very important, we pray that God Almighty will intervene for us. I wish every woman a happy International women's day.