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Voices of young people in the streets of Greater Banjul Area

Oct 11, 2012, 11:22 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

As part of our continued efforts to bring the plight of vulnerable young people into the public domain, we bring you an interview we had with young people in the streets of the Greater Banjul Area yesterday.

In their own words, most of the youths interviewed expressed the need for the government of the Gambia to venture into building factories and companies to create more jobs for them.

Speaking to this reporter, one Aminata Bah, a 22 year old girl and native of Conteh village in Nianija, Central River Region, said that she graduated in 2009. Since then, she was not lucky to get a job. “I have been searching for a job since then, but yet still to no avail,” she lamented.

She has the belief that if she knew someone in government, perhaps by now she would have got job and work like some of her friends.

“Sometimes you can see someone with very good certificates without a job, but at the same time you can also see someone with poor results holding a key position in a government department,” she opined.

She said that for her, she has the notion that in The Gambia in order for someone to get work in government you have to have some connections, and not what you know.

“I felt very bad about my joblessness, looking at the fact that the amount of money invested  on me  by my parents is too much; yet still I don’t have a job to help my parents,” she said.

It was her view that if the government establishes more companies, more jobs can be created for all youths of different backgrounds.

Alieu Baldeh, 27, a native of Toubanding village Lower Fulladu District in Central River Region, said his purpose of coming to the Greater Banjul Area is to  search for a job, since such opportunities are limited in his region.

He said that he still finds it difficult to settle in the Greater Banju Area as the job opportunities are equally limited in the city as well.

“It is because of this kind of frustration that youths like me would prefer to travel to Europe by all means so as to get a job,” he said.

According to him, the unemployment challenges facing many youths in the country also prevent them from getting married, even if they would have love enough to want to do so.

He also suggested to the government to focus more on the Jachally Pacharr Rice Field, provide farming implements and train youths in agriculture to create more jobs.

One Mai Jallow, a 19 year old girl from Chamen village in the Central River Region, said she completed her high school education in 2011, and is still searching for a job.

She appealed to the government and employers to encourage more job seekers to reduce unemployment among girls.

Mohamed Bah, resident of Wellingara, a 23 year old tailor, said for him even though he is employed he is not satisfied since he depends on other people for their sewing machines.

“Right now if I have my own machine even on loan, I would be very happy. So I would like to have government support in particular,” he said.

A 28 year old Pap Saine of Kerr Omar Saine, said he is a welder man but his work is always been confronted by lack of regular electricity supply.

“The electricity system is very discouraging it always goes and comes, thus hindering our work,” he complained.