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Village Art Gallery To Organise Painting Exhibition

Nov 13, 2009, 2:29 PM

Village Art Gallery in Kololi, will be organising a painting exhibition on the 14th of November 2009.

The aim of the exhibition is to called on fellow artists to come together under one union and forge ahead in order to promote their work for national and international development, says Yusuf Adebaye, one of the organisers of the event.

In a brief chat with Point's Entertainment and Cultural writer, the Nigerian Gambia-based Yusuf Adebaye, alias Yuspalkala, said there are enough arts products being created in the country every day. According to him, the talents of many artists in the country are beyond imagination, but they are not united and do not exchange skills. He said that the industry still seems to lack focus while artists only earn marginal income.

Yuspalkala further maintained that the artists need to come together and harmonize their work, so as to reap the fruits of our labour.

He added that they are committed to the development of the nation and Africa in general through arts.

"So we are convinced that there are some talented artists among us, who have not seen the lime line yet," he said.

Yuspakala however said that their aim is to expose and help those talents so that they would be brought to light. We want to regroup all artists, irrespected of their nationality or gender. We know it's not easy to achieve that but we are sure that artists will answer to this call, he added.

Yuspalkala explained that there is a bright future for arts and artists in The Gambia, but added that is only feasible when they come together as one. 

According to him, the exhibition will showcase only paintings.

He called on all artists to bring in their works, adding that there are no limitations to the number of artists invited.

Mulaye Sarr, a Gambian artist, also called on other young, but talented artists to join their wagon. He pointed out that despite the bright future for arts in The Gambia, artists still need to come together under one union, which according to him, will help move them forward and help contribute their quota to national development.

Mr. Sarr however assured their full support to the younger artists at all times.

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