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Utilise the opportunity

Aug 25, 2010, 1:46 PM

Opportunities come and go but when not well-managed could cause one to have regrets and, as a result, could deter others from having such opportunities.

We are referring to the lucky 50 Gambians who won themselves scholarships to study at various universities and fields in Taiwan.

It is always regarded as a big achievement to win a scholarship since the process is quite often competitive, but if you have won one, please make use of the opportunity.

The country needs well-informed, trained and experienced citizens and, as a result, it is the responsibility of those chosen to be part of these categories of citizens, to spearhead the overall development of the nation.

Taiwan, you must realise, is a very advanced country, and you should never at any point in time just follow the beauty of the Island.

Please, while in Taiwan, learn as much as possible, and also try to copy their attitude towards work and patriotism.

You must also note that while in Taiwan any little mistake you make there would reflect back on The Gambia as a country, just like any success you may register in Taiwan.

This reminds us that you should all serve as good ambassadors of the country, and to emulate the good record of those who were already there before you.

To all those institutions in Taiwan offering various scholarships to Gambians, we thank-you for your magnanimity and true love for our young people.

Indeed, these scholarships and many others offered to the country by the Republic of China on Taiwan, is a clear manifestation of the cordial ties between Banjul and Taipei.

To us, this kind of gesture is the most important way of helping a developing country like The Gambia.

Education is the key to the economic advancement and growth of any country, and when our people are well-educated, perhaps there would soon come a time when we would be in a position to give to the financial and other aids we now receive from friends like Taiwan.