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UTG students hold online discussion with Miami University Middletown

Mar 18, 2015, 10:44 AM | Article By: Nyimansata Cham

Students of the University of The Gambia, UTG, recently held an online discussion with the students of Miami University Middletown in the United States.

According to Jimmy Hendry Nzally of the UTG, the initiator, he first met Mel Cohen during the summer of 2012 with nursing students in The Gambia for a summer course on health care and health policy.

Nzally asked if they could offer a brief presentation, as part of his programmes at the American Corner, and the students felt it was a great honour to speak about their time in The Gambia.

Jimmy Hendry Nzally added that the aim of the discussion is for Gambian and American students to reach out to each other and share ideas, cultures, debate on issues, see themselves as equals, strengthen their research and a host of other important exchanges through online discussion.

“The discussion is to promote our culture and would build confidence between students that would give them a powerful tool for networking,” he said.

He thanked the students of the UTG for their performance, as well as the Miami University students.

Mary Mam Faye, a second year law student of the UTG, stressed that the discussion is a cultural exchange programme, where they could learn from each other and the diversities of the two countries.