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US Naval Ship Ends Visit

Sep 23, 2009, 6:14 AM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah

A United States navy ship HSV2 S recently left the sea port of Banjul as part of its tour of the territorial waters of West Africa.

While in The Gambia, US navy ship was met on arrival by the US Ambassador to The Gambia, Barry Wells, along side senior government officials, Commander of the Gambia Navy, Brigadier-General Sarjo Fofana, Brigadier-General Yankuba Drammeh, among other dignitaries.

Addressing the gathering, the US Diplomat in The Gambia, Barry L. Wells noted that the coming of the US navy ship to The Gambia is a clear testimony of the US government's commitment towards supporting developing countries. He disclosed that the ship has brought some gift of materials to the Gambian communities.

Ambassador Wells highlighted his government's readiness to strengthen the already existing diplomatic ties that exist between the two countries, while describing the arrival of the US Navy ship as magnanimous.

According to Ambassador Wells, the Gambia Navy is part of the country's defence force and as such, he said, the US government is committed to supporting it, in a bid to reinforce the defence of The Gambia's territorial water.

He commended the efforts of the government of The Gambia, through the Ministry of Health for prioritising the health sector of The Gambia. He commended the Minister of Health, Dr Mariatou Jallow for her role in championing the cause of the health sector.

For her part, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr Mariatou Jallow applauded the gesture of Gambia Help, a charitable organisation that facilitated the shipping of a small container of medical items, schools materials and furniture for disaster victims and local communities through the US Navy ship.

Minister Jallow commended the US Embassy for the tremendous contribution they have been rendering to the Gambian people and the health sector, in particular. She described the US government as a noble partner in the cause of helping The Gambia.

Ruth Carrol, a representative of the NGO that was created by a former Peace Corp volunteer revealed that her organisation was formed 10 years ago and has since its inception been helping The Gambia.

For his part, Brigadier-General Fofana expressed The Gambia government's commitment in fostering the bilateral relationship that exists between the two states.