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US Embassy empowering local communities

Apr 13, 2012, 1:27 PM

The United States embassy in Banjul should be commended for empowering local communities and grass-roots organisations, some of which without the embassy’s intervention would find it very difficult to secure funding for their projects and programmes.

The embassy through the Ambassador’s Self Help Fund and Democracy and Human Rights Fund provides grants to local registered community-based organisations and communities.

The funds provided help many communities across the country to purchase milling machines, water pumps, construct Arabic Islamic schools, and the fencing of schools, among others.

Through the grants, the embassy also helps many local groups promote democracy and human rights in the country, thus enlightening citizens on their rights.

We would, therefore, like to thank the US Embassy for the initiatives, and urge the recent beneficiaries to fully utilise the funds judiciously.

We also encourage the embassy to consider reaching out to as many communities as possible, since their interventions are worthy and very helpful to the country.

The embassy over the years through its various funding opportunities has supported many local communities, all over the country.

One thing unique about the embassy’s funding grants is that the projects are designed and implemented by the beneficiaries themselves, without any interference or dictation by the embassy.

We, therefore, urge other diplomatic missions in the country to emulate the US embassy in working directly with rural communities to improve their livelihood.