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Foundation-sponsored hand pump inaugurated in Badala school

Oct 5, 2015, 11:07 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

T & A Charitable Foundation, a Gambia-based local foundation, recently inaugurated a new hand-pump well at Badala Lower Basic School in Lamin-koto Badala community in Sami District of the Central River Region north.

The inauguration ceremony, which took place at the school campus, was moderated by Abdou Touray, deputy headmaster of the school.

Speaking on the occasion, Alpha Omar Jallow, vice chairman of the foundation, said through the support of the foundation, founded in 2012, a new school, Badala Lower Basic School, officially opened in April 2014.

The foundation construction of the school was made possible through the support of World House Eidhoven in the Netherlands.

Mr Jallow said effective learning cannot take place in the absence of clean and safe drinking water for the school children.

“The provision of this hand pump in the school would ease the burden on the caretakers and school children who used to fetch water outside the school campus,” he explained.

Mr Jallow commended Mr Theo, president of T & A Charitable Foundation, and the entire executive and general membership of the association for “their dedication and commitment” to the cause of the foundation.

He said plans are in place to complete the second phase of the project by constructing three classrooms and two offices to accommodate the remaining grades, build a kitchen and provide new furniture for the school.

Alhagie Secka, Jarumeh koto cluster monitor, said in the absence of water in schools there cannot be any effective teaching and learning.

According to him, previously, the school caretaker and some senior students used to go fetch water for the school, which was affecting the academic performance of students taking part in it.

Morro Dampha, the headmaster of the school, said the provision of clean and safe drinking water facility in school is directly related to achieving the goal of education for all.

Mr Abdoulie Jallow, school feeding programme focal point in region 5, also reiterated the importance of clean water in school.

He said the criteria they consider for a school to meet to be eligible for school feeding programme include the availability of water facility in the school.