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US Ambassador Brigety is welcome to The Gambia

May 7, 2015, 10:32 AM

The representative of the United States of America to the African Union, Ambassador Reuben E. Brigety II, is expected today in The Gambia for a two-day visit to the country.

While in Banjul, Ambassador Brigety, who is also the permanent representative of the US to the UN Economic Commission of Africa, will meet with AU representatives and civil society members.

We would like to heartily welcome the US statesman to The Gambia, a land of peace and love.

Ambassador Brigety’s meeting is in support of the continuing close ties between the United States of America and the African Union in which The Gambia is highly captured hence reaching out to Africa through the Smiling Coast of Africa this time around.

As we welcome the US Africa Ambassador, we know there are lots of issues he has been grappling with about Africa and the AU, as well as about refugees and immigration relating to Africans from Africa.

It is also expected that he would hold a press conference with the media to speak and answer questions about the strong ties between the US and the AU. Such an opportunity will be a good ground to table issues, but it is clear that he is dealing with a continental body that is saddled with so many problems and challenges.

The African Union is struggling with ensuring that the values of accountability and democratic governance are upheld by African leaders. As a result of bad governance, the continent has been wallowing in poverty, which also leads to many problems faced with by African people such as giving rise to the emergence of some radical groups across the continent.

The AU is also thought to be giving a superficial look at such issues as human rights and crimes against humanity in Africa, which, by Ambassador Brigety’s US-AU platform, demand serious concern from his office.

The refugee situation in Africa is also clothed with so many issues that the Ambassador’s office would be aware of. They range from the question of who really is a refugee and who is not, to pressing issues facing them and the institutions with which they interact.

Immigration issues keep rising and rising again from Mozambique to South Africa and from The Gambia to even the US for better or for worse.

We would also like to remind Mr Brigety of the relations between the US and The Gambia, as we have noticed that over the last two years both nations have had no Ambassadors at each other’s country. Something should be done about this.

Welcome Ambassador Reuben E. Brigety to the Smiling Coast of Africa!

“Africa is Home”


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