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Up date On Banjul Nawettan Qualifiers

Jul 9, 2009, 7:02 AM | Article By: Ousman Thiam

The 2009 Banjul Nawettan qualifiers have this weekend reached its climax, marking the last knock- out episode for the Nawettan proper.

Over the past two weeks twenty four teams were competing to gain a spot in the Nawettan, billed for next month.

The weekend final round stage will feature Gloucester Utd, One Love FC, Late Ebou Jawneh FC, Biri Briri FC, Deago FC and MM Fall FC have joined JSP and Eliminate ) the two relegated teams of the last season).

Despite the excitement of losing supporters in two games that may have turn to violence, the first and second round games were fantastic with at least a goal scored in every match, which is a good performance.

This Saturday, the new generation of JSP FC players will have the challenge to come back in the Nawettan hot circle like in the glory days. They will meet formable Gloucester Utd on Saturday. One love will also meet Bri Bri, at the Gambia High on the same day.

Eliminate FC will play MM Fall FC at St Augustine's on Sunday, while  Late Ebou Janneh will clash with Deago FC.

At the end of the games, four teams are expected to qualify to the Nawettan proper.

With the level of preparation so far on the ground, this season is a promising tournament.