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University Education Vital to National Development

Feb 5, 2009, 5:15 AM

Just recently several young people in the country were awarded degrees and advanced diplomas in various fields of study at the University of The Gambia for having successfully completed their studies there.

We must congratulate the UTG for the success.

During the 5thUTG convocation at least 207 students graduated.

It's great for the students having attained their degree courses here in the country. Now that they are empowered with the requisite skills it's time for the graduates to also pay back the thousands of dalasis for their schooling be it to the government, parents or other sponsors. The Gambia needs well trained and determined young people to take of the challenges of our time and hopes are high that you can make a difference in your various ways. For other young people in the society you encouraged to make the best you of the University of the Gambia rather than paying exorbitant fees to other universities abroad. Off course high education is a fundamental pillar for the socio economic development of any country. Acquiring knowledge and skills is one thing but putting it into practice is another thing. We encourage all the graduates to put their knowledge and skills into to the country's development.

As young people you are energetic and able thus have the ability to help the Gambia attain her development aspiration such as vision 2020, MDGs and Silicon Valley project.

We also thank the University of The Gambia for molding and preparing you to become better and productive citizens. Young people are also encouraged to join the University for their Own good. Those who have the wealth should also endavour to sponsor some students to access university education because its important is very much vital in nation's development.