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UK callers overwhelm Taf Holding boss in London

Feb 15, 2011, 1:43 PM | Article By: Alhagie Mbye, The Point's UK correspondent

Mustapha Njie the chairman of Taf Holding Company Limited was on Friday overwhelmed by callers from different parts of the United Kingdom, making enquiries about Taf properties including about house prices, health care, insurance, security, cleanliness and installment payment.

The programme aired by Ben Television in London received calls by people from different walks of life, some of them as far away as from the Republic of Ireland. Almost all callers were interested in buying, and said they were attracted by the magnificent and superb properties Taf Holding built in The Gambia.

A lady caller even explained that when she first saw the Brufut Gardens, she was amazed and not sure whether it was built in The Gambia. She paused for a while in disbelief and expressed her desire to buy and to visit the country and see the properties for herself.

Gambians living in the UK also used the opportunity to ask Mr. Njie about installment procedures and the minimum required to pay for various Taf properties. Some were also concerned about security and health issues, including insurance and demanded to know whether or not there was good health care or visa requirement.

Callers were also interested to know more about the guarantee or warranty on the high standard buildings, and also enquired whether non-Gambians were free to buy without any strings attached.

In response, Mr. Njie answered their questions, and emphasized the advantages of buying his properties and the benefits of living in The Gambia as a country.

Mr. Njie also answered questions from those who enquired about the national health system, insurance schemes and location of the properties, and emphasized the importance placed on keeping the environment clean and taking care of customers' queries and enquiries in a professional and dignified manner. His willingness to accommodate potential buyers during their stay in the country for inspecting or purchasing purposes was also emphasized.

Mr. Njie reminded viewers and callers that Brufut Garden residents enjoy a secure environment with 24 hours security and uninterrupted water and electricity supply. The weekly garbage collection service, tarmac roads, and streetlights in the estate were also highlighted.

People were even more impressed that all houses were ideally located and equipped with modern living rooms and bedrooms, including all other facilities required for a perfect living condition.

Callers were quite excited, and some of them who dealt with Taf Holding before called and congratulated Mr. Njie for a job well done, and further assured other people of the need  to purchase the properties with confidence.

Gambians and non-Gambians who spoke to The Point after the programme said that they are proud of the impressive and remarkable work of Taf Holding as a means for not only offering accommodation to diverse groups of people, but equally empowering Africans both at home and in the Diaspora.