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UDP tour attracts large turnouts

Apr 30, 2015, 10:07 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The leader of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has said their political caravan tour which ended on Sunday attracted large turnouts from the communities they visited.

Ousainou Darboe, Secretary General and party leader of the UDP, speaking to The Point in an interview yesterday, said the tour kick-started very peacefully and they had a good meeting in Essau, but were “interrupted” at Fass by a blockade on the highway, “which is against the Motor Traffic Act”.

According to Mr Darboe, after the stand-off, the tour continued in earnest and they were received very warmly by party loyalists and sympathizers everywhere they went, during the caravan.

Lawyer Darboe added that the Gambian people love the UDP.

Governors and Seyfolou kept “using their offices, influences and positions to intimidate the local population, but we are now saying no more fear, and the people are no longer afraid, which was demonstrated by the large turnout on Sunday on our return from the tour,” Darboe said.

“The APRC never expected that the ordinary Gambians, those people who matter will come out in large numbers.”

Speaking about the party’s plans ahead of the 2016 elections, Darboe said: “The plan is to make sure that Jammeh does not win the coming elections; this was demonstrated in the past few days, during the caravan tour.”

Mr Darboe, who reiterated that his party’s preparations for the 2016 elections are ongoing, added: “The Gambians should cast their votes for the opposition, because the future of Gambians lies in the opposition, not in the APRC.”

The political caravan tour, which included party executive members and loyalists, was highly successful, said the UDP leader.