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Turo Darboe predicts landslide victory for Jammeh

May 4, 2010, 2:52 PM

Fajikunda-based business tycoon, Modou Turo Darboe has predicted that come 2011 elections President Jammeh will sweep the polls with a landslide victory.

This, he said, is as a result of the tremendous development Gambians continue to enjoy under the Jammeh administration and the peaceful co-existence that Gambians continue to enjoy.

Darboe, also a staunch supporter of the APRC was speaking on Friday evening at a political rally in Latrikunda Piccadilly, where the Kambeng Kafoo group in Latrikunda Piccadilly adopted him as their father, and Nyimansata Sanneh-Bojang as the mother of the group.

According to him, the unprecedented developments registered by the APRC party under the leadership of President Jammeh is a clear testimony of the party’s love for Gambians, and thus called on all Gambians to rally behind the party.

 “We are all living witnesses to the unprecedented developments undertaken by the Jammeh administration and the only way to express our appreciation is to rally behind him and vote massively for the APRC party in the forthcoming elections,” Darboe stated, adding that Gambians are very proud of the achievements registered by the ruling APRC within a short period of time.

The ceremony brought together former Speaker of the National Assembly, Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay, the APRC National Mobiliser, Mayor Yankuba Colley, Majority Leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the Executive Director of Women's Bureau, Ida Faye-Hydara, and several National Assembly members.

Also, speaking at the ceremony, Yankuba Colley, the APRC National Mobiliser and Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) hailed Modou Turo Darboe and Nyimasata Sanneh-Bojang for their immense contributions to the development of the country.

“The opposition in this country today are unfit to lead this country. They are just here for their selfish interest. It is the APRC party that is unshakable in this country,” he said, adding that the opposition is not a problem for the APRC.

According to the APRC National Mobiliser, the opposition are not in his agenda. As he put it, putting the opposition in his agenda would make them important.

Colley called on the women to rally behind the APRC to make their dreams come true, and noted that they should not listen to the oppositions.

Speaking earlier, Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay highlighted the numerous development projects undertaken by the APRC government, describing it “as a show of the party’s love for all Gambians.” FJC then called on the womenfolk to remain behind the APRC party.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the Majority Leader of the National Assembly and National Assembly member for Serrekunda East thanked Kambeng Kaffo for what he described as the wise move undertaken by them, while expressing gratitude to FJC for her continuous support and loyalty to the party.

Majority Leader Jatta highlighted some of the immense contributions of Modou Turo Darboe and Nyimasata Sanneh Bojang to the ruling party, calling on all to emulate them.
Musa Njie, the Coordinator of Kambeng Kaffo said his group is working towards the realisation of the development aspirations of the APRC under President Jammeh’s leadership.

Mrs. Ida Faye Hydara, the Executive Director of Women’s Bureau, on behalf of the Vice- President, Ajaratou Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy, commended Kambeng Kaffo for adopting Turro Darboe and Madam Bojang as their father and mother, respectively.
She stated that the Women's Bureau was established for every Gambian woman and also commended the former Speaker of the National Assembly for her loyalty to the Jammeh administration.

Other speakers at the ceremony included Ba-Ousman Fatty, the Ward Councillor; Ba Jamba Bojang of Brufut; Ebrima Singhateh, APRC Chairman Latrikunda Piccadilly; Fatou Trawally of the Women’s Council; and Ajaratou Kumba Daffeh, all of whom expressed confidence that the APRC will win come 2011 elections.

Modou Turo Darboe and Nyimansata Sanneh-Bojang presented a cheque for D10, 000 and cash of D10, 000 to the Kambeng Kafoo, respectively.