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Tujereng Residents Deplore Poor Health Facility

Sep 16, 2009, 6:42 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

The community of Tujereng Village in Kombo South, Western Region, have lamented the deplorable conditions of the village's Health Centre, urging the authorities to come to their aid.

According to Mr. Fabakary Jabang, the Chairman of the Tujereng Village Development Committee, the current condition of the Health Centre is a cause for concern.

"Tujereng Health Centre is in a dismal state. We have no permanent staff attached to the Health Centre. We used to have nurses from Sukuta and Brufut Health Centres every fortnight, but it is no more the case. There is only one person working in the clinic who sometimes does not stay because she is a married woman," he said in an interview with the Point Newspaper.

In the view of Mr. Jabang, one nurse cannot take care of a whole community, especially Tujereng. He used the occasion to call on the Ministry of Health to come to their aid.

"Our Health Centre is very lonely with only one person serving. It will be very difficult for one single individual to serve a whole community like Tujereng on medical and health care services," he stated.

"This situation in Tujereng now is really a concern for my VDC and the entire community of Tujereng," he added.

Chairman Jabang said his new committee, in collaboration with the village Alkalo are currently building a new maternity unit in the Health Centre, which he said, would increase the number of rooms for patients' admission and comfort.

"The condition of our Health Centre today is so terrible that no one regards it any more for treatment. Tujereng is a community blessed with talents. Today, there is no sector of development or office in the country in which a native of Tujereng is not working there. Why is Tujereng still behind when we come to development? Why can't we come together and serve our people? Why do we leave it in the hands of few people in the community, when we can jointly sort out our needs for our own benefit," he posited.

He added that they were able to convince some natives of Tujereng to serve in the Health Centre as soon as the rehabilitation exercise is done.