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Training of trainers on business development Kicks-starts

May 31, 2013, 12:30 PM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Business Development Service Network (BDS), under the Gambia Investment Enterprise and Promotion Agency, GIEPA, recently held a five-day in-country training of trainers on business development service for entrepreneurs.

The training held at Baobab Holiday Resort was meant to prepare participants to appreciate the transformation of becoming better employees, through improved understanding of business for effective knowledge transfer, provide knowledge and practices about desirable attributes for starting and operating a successful enterprise.

The May 25-29, 2013 training programme, which was funded by the Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project (GGCP), under it matching grant facility, attracted over 30 participants from different businesses and regions of the country.

The Chairperson of BDS, Fatou Saine-Gaye, said BDS was formed by GIEPA as part of its mandate to support growth and development of the Small Medium Enterprise, SMEs sector nationwide.

 It deems it necessary to form the network of these professionals from different background to complement their quest and work towards the development of the SMEs, she said.

She said the training will develop positive attitudes towards the development of sustainable enterprise, self-employment and social entrepreneurship, raise the level of awareness of enterprise and self-employment as a career option for young people.

Muhammed Ebrima Jammeh, Lead Trainer, said BDS network is a special package put together by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) towards the training of entrepreneurs in order to make them real businesspersons.

He said the package is such that it encompasses all areas of businesses. “As entrepreneurs you have to produce for the market not to the market. The products that you provide for the market need to meet customers’ satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied with the products they will not buy it,” he said.  

“The entrepreneurs want anything they produce is clear at the market, this training package has every thing that can make businesses a resounding success,” he said.

Lamin Gaye, Enterprise Support Manager for GIEPA, said the training is one of the most important trainings for businesspersons, as it will help entrepreneurs understand their business environment and acquired the skills to operate businesses.

“We realised that business persons lack the required skills and understanding on business development services in the country, this is why we deemed it fitting to train people who will later train others in business development services,” he said.

He said his institution has the mandate to give support to small businesses in the country, be it counseling, provision of trainings, advices and many others. “The sector provides the highest employment for young people and contribute to the economic development of the country and over 45 percent of the GDP,” he said.

He said many small businesses venture into the business without knowing the market needs, be it products or services, thus affecting the development of many businesses in the country.

“There is a need for a proper business planning for any business, this will help the person to know the market needs, environment and other vital information about the type of business, the strength, opportunity and the weaknesses of the business,” he explained.