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Tourism Minister inspects More Tourism Facilities Upcountry

Feb 17, 2020, 12:42 PM | Article By: Yunus S. Saliu

(Friday 14th February 2020 Issue)

On day four and five of his ongoing tour of tourism facilities in the country, Tourism and culture minister Hamat NK Bah visited different sites, lodges/guest houses and hunting camps across tourism development areas known as TDA3 Western River, TDA6 North Coast, and TDA7 Kiang West.

At each facility visited, Minister Bah engaged proprietors in brief meetings to gauge their constraints on areas that they need assistance from his ministry and other institutions under him.

During discussion with officials , Minister Bah pointed out some of the shortcomings observed both in terms of environment, health, safety, accommodation, service delivery and staff welfare. He also advised those whose accommodation or camp are below standard to quickly improve on it otherwise they might be closed down to enable them carry out maintenance and proper good service delivery as quality demands.

He however underpinned the importance of good standards and encouraged proprietors in the upcountry to continue maintaining standard and good service delivery as the government plans according to the National Development Plan which is to expand tourism to the upcountry for everyone to benefit.

Among the visited facilities in upcountry included  Pachonki Mosque in Sami, GTHI Annex in Janjangbureh, Kankurang Museum Centre in Janjangbureh, Janjangbureh Historic Tour Sites, proposed Ninki Nanka Camp, Bintou’s Paradise Lodge, Sotuma Samba Koi, Agib and Swiss Guest Houses, Tambasansang Fort and Fodaykunda Camp.

At the GTHI Annex, Director General of Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute, Dauda Niang disclosed that GTHI Annex started in 2019, noting that they started the expansion program in the provinces to promote tourism and culture.

“For several years GTHI has been conducting training in the Greater Banjul Area and for the first time the institution is extended to Janjangbureh as we started the expansion programme in the provinces to promote tourism and culture.”

Omar Sey, Deputy Governor of Central River Region outlined some of the importance of tourism and culture and potentials of the community of Janjangbureh. He calls on all stakeholders in the tourism sector to continue to invest in the sector.

Abdoulai Hydara, Director General of Gambia Tourism Board responded to issues raised in Janjangbureh concerning tour guides who usually accompany tourists from the Greater Banjul Area to the historical Island. He assured the official trained community based tour guides that the issue will be addressed immediately.

Accompanied the Minister in this ongoing tourism facilities tour are chairmen of GTBoard and GTHI board of directors; NCAC board members, Director Generals of GTBoard, GTHI, NCAC; National Assembly member - selected member of tourism committee; Officer Commanding of Tourism Security Unit – TSU; Permanent and deputy permanent of MoTC and senior officials of the three institutions.