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‘Total Regret’, book launched by 26-year-old

Jan 5, 2011, 12:02 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Amadu Muctarr Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean born of Guinean parents has, launched a book titled ‘Total Regret’.

Educated at Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School and Saint Edward’s Senior Secondary School in Freetown, Amadu is presently residing in The Gambia where he is engaged in writing and commercial business.

Mr Jalloh had his computer training at Computech in Freetown in 2005 and later enrolled for the Cambridge University Advanced Diploma Course in Business Studies.

Jalloh has also involved in voluntary youth activities in Sierra Leone. 

He gives a gist of the book: “‘Total Regret’ focuses on a prostitute who is drifted by her friend to perform rituals in order to gain her worldly desire. Later she becomes an adversary to one of her old-time friends who is married to a wealthy man.”

“After succeeding in snatching her friend’s husband, they get married. For some years, she was unable to give birth to a child. This caused pressure on her by her in-laws. Due to the persistent coercion she faces, she goes and induces a twin baby boy, which is unknown to the husband who is on a six-month trip to the USA to settle some business problems. She and her friend conceal this matter from her husband

“When the boy is fully grown up, he falls in love with his twin sister. They do not know each other.

“The novel is also about a renowned politician who falls in love with his daughter not knowing it was her mother he impregnated when the mother was 16 and fled away because of the fear of prosecution for child abuse.”

Jalloh, who said that it took him only 39 days to write the book, says always writers need to figure out what is going on around them and what is affecting the people around them and how to help the people.

Jalloh, who started writing in 2010, also says the book is a fiction but has to do with life. He therefore encourages people to buy it because “it is full of passion and many other interesting things”.

He calls on especially the students to buy the book as “it will help them to plan their lives”, as well as parents as “it will also help them to guide their children in the right direction”.

“The book is available for sale at Timbooktoo bookshop opposite The Point newspaper or at Mandory bookshop, Banjul Branch, at a reasonable price,” Jalloh said.