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Defence opens in Scout Jamboree Case

Jan 5, 2011, 11:55 AM | Article By: Isatou Senghore

Babucarr Khan, an accused person, who was charged with obtaining money by false pretence, recently testified at the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally, in defence of allegations preferred against him.

In his testimony at the court Babucarr Khan says he lives in New Jeshwang and serves as National Executive Commissioner for Gambia Scout Association, and is also a regional commissioner.

He said his role was to coordinate the programmes and activities of the association, as well as section commissioners that report activities to him.

Defence witness one further adduced that they also have international commissioner who is in charge of international events by the name Lamin S. Camara.

According to Khan, he could remember the first prosecution witness, Omar Ceesay, who visited him once with a friend called Omar Fadia.

Omar Fadia, the witness added, told him that PW1 is his friend and he wanted him to be part of the Scout Jamboree outside The Gambia.

He added that he directed him to Lamin Gassama, who is in charge of international jamboree.

He further adduced that he told Omar Fadia that if he wanted to participate in any activities, he should consult Lamin S. Camara, but Fadia told him that he wanted his help and he told Fadia that he could not help unless he was able to see Lamin S. Camara.

The witness narrated that Lamin S. Camara later called and asked him whether he knew Fadia. He said he told Camara that he knew Omar Ceesay but not Fadia.

He denied receiving any money from Omar Ceesay neither did he issue any receipt to him.

DW1 also recalled one Madi Singhateh’s mother who visited him in his house. He said the woman came with her landlord and told him that she wanted her son to travel.

He said that the following day, the mother came with Madi and he asked Madi whether he was a scout member and Madi responded in the negative.

Khan said he gave them Lamin S. Camara’s telephone number so that if there was any help, he could be responsible.

He also denied receiving D60,000 from Madi Singhateh neither did he issue him a receipt.

He also recalled seeing the third prosecution witness, Alhagie Keita, in court but never met him before nor had any dealings with him.

Still testifying, Khan also recalled one Siaka Sonko and his sister visit him once in his house. That was the first time he set eyes on them, he said.

He said Siaka’s sister told him that she heard that many people travelled through scout programmes and she also wanted her brother to travel to the US through the same way.

He added that he told the sister that there were criteria to meet before they would select him and he directed him to Lamin S. Camara.

DW1 denied receiving any money, nor issued receipt to him.

The case was at that juncture adjourned until 11 January 2011.