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Tomorrow is D-Day in America

Nov 3, 2008, 5:35 AM | Article By: Pap Saine in USA

As Obama leads Favourably

Americans have started to vote since October 18 this year what they called early elections.

The electoral system in USA is different from many countries.

Before the presidential election, the political parties have their primaries to choose their presidential candidate.

what is peculiar about the US election they have an electorate college system where each of the fifty states is allocated a certain number of electoral vote.

Like states like California and New York have more votes than smallest states such as Delaware and Connecticut.

The candidates that has more vote takes all electoral vote and to be president you needto win 270 from the 538 Electoral votes not a majority of popular vote that the candidate is elected president.

More than 100 million voters are likely to cast ballots in nation wide in US elections November 4.But only 538men and women will elect the next president of the United Sates, and those elections will take in the 50 states capitals and in Washington December 15, the e journal USAof the Sate Department reports

The indirect election system, called the Electoral College and devised in 1787 by the framers of the US constitution, puzzles Americans and non-Americans alike. It reflects the federal governing and to the people, but also the states.

The presidential electors nearly always vote the same way in December as the voters in their states did in November. The Electoral Collegewinner has nearly captured the most popular vote's nation wide. But because all but two states have winner take all rules, occasionally the Electoral College winner trails an other candidate in nationwide popular votes as happened in 2000.

Political reporter David Mark describes the strategic game that flows from the Electoral College system.

presidential candidates pay less attention to reliably Democratic and Republican states in the campaign. Instead they focuses their attention and scare resources on a relatively small number of narrowly divided states. Florida and Ohio are well known examples- that decide the elections.

A lot of Americans want to change the election of the president to direct popular vote, but no such change is imminent. Amending the constitution requires enormous political will, only 27 amendments have passed in more than 22o years. And such change facesresistance from small states, which have disportionate representation in the Electoral College, from supporters of a two party system, and from supporters of a federal system of government.

What ever its merits, the Electoral College at least offers decisiveness. The House of Representatives has had to decide only two presidential elections because no candidate achieved an Electoral College majority that happened in 1824.

The fifty states has differentvoting methods, voting rules, different papers.

There is early election if the voter want safe time he or she can vote before Election Day November 4

There is absentee voter, you request the form fill it and mail it before Election Day or the day itselfyou show up.

voters must give their names, addresses, and social security number before voter.

Even if you are homeless you are allowed to give a street corner where you live, you have to register in advance.

The two candidates John McCain is 72 is trained military, he served in the US Navy, he participated in the war in Vietnam joined politics in 1982.

he said I've been an imperfect servant of my country for many years. But I have been her servant first, last, and always. And I'venever lived a day, in good times or bad, that I didn't thank God for the privilege."

Barack Obama 47 years old lawyer by profession.

He is the first African American presidential candidate to win a nomination of a major US political party, brings life story unlike that any previous nominee. His fathera Kenyan and mum a white American, in 2004 he was elected Senator ILLINOIS, that year he said, "There is not a liberal America, there is the United Sates of America, there is not black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America, there is the United America

Meanwhile according to the media and yahoo, Obama is leading the polls with 50% McCain is on 43.5% because of his charisma , money good strategy Obama is doing well. His campaign team call people , go to office to office, house to house, raise funds. Obama refused to take the funds of the state amounting to 85million us dollars, the amount allocated to each candidate. His supporters raised 620 million us dollars whilst McCain took government has a total budget of 320 million us dollars. for Obama the Bush factor gives him an edge, because of the economy crisis, the war in Iraq. Currently about 800,000 people are jobless, many banks, Insurance's, factories closed because of the bad economy said one American journalist. McCain his age, the Bush eight year's policy that he wants to continue give him a disadvantage . one of the factors that Obama leads smaller than could be the race factor many analysts said that. Leading papers in the USA, Washington post, New York Times, Chicago Tribune for the first time in its 161 year history is endorsing a democrat president Two supporters of the democrat and Republican gave interview to the point in the early vote. The turn out so far is very impressive, ifObama become a president there is will be a boost to all Africans because it means the sky is the limit, the world will newer the same again said one afro American Jerry Brown . "If the playing filed has become even.the world will look at America from a differenceprospective. "There will be less hostilities against America. For Suzane Khan a republican said it's good for McCain wins to continue to fight terrorism,fight our enemies he is trained soldier we should give him a chance. To maintain the war in Iraq the US government spends $10 billion every month. From January to the end of October 800,000 people lost their jobs because of the economic crisis, some financial institutions also closed.