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Today sees the biannual National Youth and Conference Festival kick off.

Dec 17, 2008, 3:58 AM

Hundreds of youths and dignitaries from across the country will converge on Farafenni, in the North Bank Region to witness the official opening.

The event, which will draw young people from all parts of the country, aims to create a platform for youths to discuss their immediate problems and try to come up with better solutions to improve, develop and promote the welfare of the youth of the country.

This kind of participatory approach will be extremely beneficial to both the youth of the nation and also those who are trying to facilitate them in their growth and development. It is only through discussion with end service users that we can best come to know their needs and work towards meeting them.

The biannual event also features a host of sporting activities including athletics, football and cultural activities.

What better spirit to bring young people together in than that of honest competition and to strive for athletic excellence? No matter how often we hear it the old truism cannot be doubted: a healthy mind and a healthy body. Another lovely aspect of the sports and games is that they provide a great window on the youth and their talents for sporting scouts.

As a result many young people will on to great sporting achievements in many fields because of their participation in Nayconf.

According to the Chairman of the Organising Committee Alagie Kebbeh, this years Nayconf will be best ever staged in the Country

He thanked all those who contributed in one way or the other towards the funding of the event in order to achieve a successful Nayconf.

We also congratulate all those who have been involved in organising this edition of the event and hope that it is a resounding success.

"Sport strips away personality, letting the white bone of character shine through."

Rita Mae Brown