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The status quo continues

Jun 1, 2015, 11:35 AM

It seems the garbage menace in our surroundings continues unabated, especially in and around market places.

This situation becomes worse during the now bimonthly set settal, when all sorts of garbage is gathered or dumped in various spots in markets across the city centers.

It is still baffling why this trend has continued in this fashion, with increasing deterioration of the situation in recent weeks and months.

It seems something must have gone wrong somewhere, with our garbage collecting system.

While the market garbage dumps continue to heap, produce bacteria and all sorts of pathogens, as well as ooze out bad odour dangerous to human health, the refuse and garbage piled up at street corners and around our surroundings, at the end of each cleansing day, are a big eyesore and smack of unhygienic practices.

Sometimes, the garbage and filth are left uncollected for days within the city, which is dangerous to our health and harmful to our surroundings.

Hence we tend to wonder whether the municipal councils and other authorities responsible for such matters are actually helping the situation.

While the cleansing exercise is actually out to ensure we clean our environment properly, the attitude of throwing our waste or garbage on the streets is causing another harm to us, as it however adds to the pillage and mountains of filth and garbage in some of our surroundings, creating hazardous odour and toxic chemical substances, as well as giving life to harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses that are of lethal nature to human life.

We should always make haste to clear away these hazardous wastes from our surroundings even from designated garbage dump areas, as they emit very foul smell and breed mosquitoes that affect our health through toxic suffocation and the malaria-killer disease.

The municipal councils and other authorities responsible for garbage or refuse collection should also be seen to be doing their part in ensuring that the environment or surroundings, especially market centers, are kept clean for the good of our health and society.

The government is also expected to provide more vehicles for garbage collection around town, whilst the anti-littering law should be enforced.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”