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The rule of law is sacred!

Sep 24, 2013, 9:43 AM

Journalists are abducted or murdered with impunity, the rule of law is broken. When people are taken from their homes straight to the prisons or to unknown places, the rule of law is violated.

Respect for the law is a prerequisite for social justice and peaceful coexistence in society. No society can make meaningful progress without adherence to the rule of law.

It is for this reason that we note with concern recent reports notably of people arrested and detained beyond the 72-hours constitutional limit, without appearing before a court, which, no doubt, is not good for the country’s human rights record.

The gains the country has recorded in sustainable economic development and human development could be enhanced, if there was a corresponding improvement in the areas of rule of law and transparency.

Real economic growth cannot be sustained, where there is no transparency and the rule of law.

Herein lies the challenge for the state!

Indeed, for the rule of law to be seen to prevail in the country, due process should and must be followed in all cases, even those that might appear to be awkward to deal with.

In this connection, we would humbly like to state here that the government should do all it can to improve on its human rights record, especially in areas where it is deemed to have fallen short.

“To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny, or delay, right or justice”.

Magna Carta

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