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Wuli community decries poor road network, appeals for help

Jun 21, 2013, 12:38 PM

The people in the Wulis, Wuli West and East, have over the years been calling on the government to rehabilitate the deplorable roads in the area.

The call was recently renewed by the APRC Constituency chairman for Wuli East, Mawdo Gari.

Mr Gari told a meeting in Basse during President Jammeh’s ongoing Dialogue with the People Tour that motors find it very difficult to ply their roads.

“If you take a patient from Baja Kunda Health Centre he or she could die on the way before you reach Basse,” he lamented.

This, he said, is due to the poor road network in the area, especially between Baja Kunda and Chamoi Bunda.

He went further to say the poor road network in the Wulis is the same as that of their neighbours in the Sandu District also in the Upper River Region.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure problem in Wuli is not limited to bad roads; they also have poor network reception in many parts of the Wulis.

Lady Councillor for Wuli West, Sona Marenah, while addressing President Jammeh at the Basse meeting, called on the president to help them address this problem.

“We need quality network services from Africell, Gamcel, Comium and QCell,” she appealed.

Another major problem confronting the people of Wuli over the years is the encroachment of cattle onto farmlands, but this issue and many other problems in that area were not mentioned by the speakers.