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The President has a point

Jan 14, 2010, 1:23 PM

The President has indeed raised a very important point when he spoke against unfair treatment at the work place.

We need to treat each other as equal citizens and, most importantly, humanely.

Unfair treatment of workers at work places can have severe consequences.

For example, practices such as nepotism could create hatred and serious misunderstanding among our workforce.

We need to ensure that we treat each other as equals.

Definitely, people should not use their positions to victimize innocent people just because they are in positions of power.

After all, we are all supposed to work for the common good. We need to work as a team to take the nation forward.

People should put aside their individual differences, and work in the best interest of the Gambia.

"You don't treat workers like dogs" the President was quoted as saying.

He is absolutely right! Human beings should not, under any circumstances, be subjected to such treatment.

Why should a boss make subordinates afraid of him or her?

You can make them respect you, especially at work, but for them to be afraid is uncalled for.

Its worth mentioning that the moment you treat your workers badly, you are creating a big problem for yourself.

You must know that by doing so you create division in your department or office, and that this will make you fail as a manager.