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The Minority Leader has a point!

Nov 16, 2012, 9:48 AM

The recent call by the Minority Leader and National Assembly member for Niamina Dankunku constituency for all Gambians irrespective of political affiliation to see each other as Gambians, and not as enemies, is indeed significant.

We equally endorse his further for President Yahya Jammeh to spearhead a national dialogue with opposition party leaders in the country.

As Gambians, we should not live in bitterness with each other, but must see one another as people of one country with different political beliefs.

 As we always state in this and other other pages, politicians come and go, but the country and her people will remain.

As such, we should not allow politics to divide us to extent of seeing each other as enemies.

The more we see each other as brothers and sisters with different political beliefs, all sharing the common aim to develop the country, then there would be peace and continued progress and development.

Political tolerance on all sides is very essential, as the followers of political leaders do follow them in their pronouncements and actions.

We must allow divergent views and opinions to be freely expressed by people, be it in public transport, the markets, village bantabas and so on, without fear.

Indeed, the onus is on our politicians to create the right enabling environment, so that no one would feel excluded in the development process, and all would gladly and willingly come on board.