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The GFA-Saller kits contract

Sep 15, 2010, 1:01 PM

The signing of a two-year kits sponsorship contract between Sport Saller of Germany and the Gambia Football Association (GFA) for all the categories of the national teams is indeed timely and a welcome development.

This happens at a time in our sports when three of the national teams are all engaged in active competitions. To many who have been keenly following Gambian football, this new development would not be a surprise to them because prior to the signing of this contract, the Scorpions have been wearing Saller jerseys in most of their competitions both locally and internationally.

It took both sides long period of negotiation over the years before reaching a final agreement. Now since they have announced an agreement, all parties should respect the agreement and make sure it becomes a reality for the interest of Gambian football.

The sponsorship in another way would also give maximum publicity to the Saller product at the international level. It is also high time for every body to put hands on deck to support the Gambia football Association and government to make sure that the "Gambia for Gold Dream" recently launched by the Vice President is achieved by 2012 / 2014 to qualify the country for both the Africa Cup of Nations and the World Cup.

Every effort should be made for our sporting commitments in order to make significant strives in sports development, particularly in football. There is no doubt that the unifying and solidarity power of sports has been amply manifested in The Gambia. It is for this reason that all Gambians, and even non-Gambians alike, should distinctly support and promote the development of sports as a priority. This has the potential to galvanize the country's youthful population to be engaged and productive, which will favourably impact the socio-economic development of The Gambia.

The Gambia Football Association should also be commended for securing such a wonderful deal for the Scorpions.

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