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The Gambia United Society in UK issues statement

Jan 11, 2011, 12:18 PM | Article By: Alhagie Mbye - The Point’s UK Correspondent

The Gambia United Society, (GUS), has issued a statement including Christmas and New Year greetings by thanking all its members, supporters and friends for their 'fantastic efforts' during 2010.

The statement signed by Sulayman Bah, Secretary General of the society, and addressed to this correspondent stressed that the GUS will 'enter 2011 in a stronger position, both in terms of strategy and reputation'. The GUS also revealed that it will be electing a new executive to 'steer the affairs of the society', and ending it in a challenging way by 're-organising our strategic vision'. 

The Secretary-General also used the opportunity to thank colleagues on the executive for their 'wonderful ideas all geared towards improving our organisational effectiveness as we progress to the next level in the best interest of the wider Gambian Community both in the UK and The Gambia'.

The statement also disclosed that, in August 2010, it introduced a 'voluntary trust fund' for members, and that the purpose of the fund is to 'help send dead bodies of our loved ones who die in the UK '. It however added that, 'the beneficiaries must be paid up, and agree to the ideals of the charity'.

It added that the recent 'harsh weather in The Gambia threw us a challenge soliciting our solidarity and support... We passed the test, despite the current economic climate that affects everyone'.

The GUS also further revealed that it 'raised £600 including its own contribution of £500' and collected items such as clothing and school materials 'worth more than £2,000 received from individuals who do not want to be named, the Metropolitan Police and schools'.

The GUS earlier drafted a comprehensive and detailed project, seen by this correspondent, which also highlighted the important relationship between them and other organisations.

The draft project also reviews the role and value of the GUS identifying, 'insufficient resources and a lack of capacity as a major obstacle to GUS's successes'.

The review made it clear that encouraging, building and strengthening partnerships are cost-efficient ways for GUS to achieve its goals.

It also identifies its process and action plan for 2010-2013, as well as the next steps for creating partnership and participation.

The GUS also has an equal opportunity policy; health safety and welfare, and is thus committed to the establishment and development of equality of opportunity in policy and practice.