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The Chance of a Life Without Misery

Feb 12, 2009, 4:32 AM

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been sworn in as prime minister in a unity government with President Robert Mugabe. We pray that this union will be a successful one and benefit the people of that beleaguered nation. They have suffered so much in recent times that one wonders if they would even recognise a life free of horror, hardship and misery if it were to be enjoyed by them.

Cholera has been ravaging the population and in the last few days, over 95% of the schools have not opened meaning the next generation are being denied an education and so the nation along with its next generation will suffer into the future because of the terrible actions of Robert Mugabe.

Of course he is not solely to blame. He would not have lasted so long in power if there were not a cabal of sycophantic accomplices around him who are also taking the cream while their people suffer.

Mr Tsvangirai won the first round of last year's presidential election - but he withdrew from the run-off, citing violence against his supporters.

However he later agreed to share power with Mr Mugabe. This is a mature decision and we pray that will soon bare fruit. The people of Zimbabwe deserve better than they are currently being forced to endure. We pray that the coming months and years will see them enjoy a new lease of life and a well earned taste of a life free from misery and tyranny.