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That GSM Challenge!

May 13, 2008, 5:36 AM

No one would accept that there is a live challenge in the GSM arena, be it Comium, Africell or Gamcel. But one can see the millions, thousands, cars, trips to Mecca or Rome and other local promotions by the three GSM operators- Africell, Gamcel and Comium.When competition is healthy and you know you can do it, there is no need to fear or pretend you are not in the race.

The output of the three powerful GSM operators cannot be over-emphasised, as it is evident among users. One ever continues to wonder and ask lots of questions as to why many rich parastatals and Banks have never embarked on open ventures for their customers to be empowered. The Gambia GSM has placed the challenge to the many parastatals including the banks and many others especially those who pose to be doing well financially. Every body keeps looking forward to what next? Africell D10, 000.000 the many cars from all sides and the new D25, 000 weekly draw, and all the goods and bonus on credits. These are silently carried out and we still deny involvement in competition.  There are people who have never had a mobile and they are part of the society, those also need empowerment, the empowerment that shows who is doing the work that touches the poor. The three GSM champions are to empower those that really do not have phones but want to be part of the winners of all the goodies spread to those who can provide even more for themselves. Giving fish to some one with abundant fish is not a prudent gift.