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TFGI: PPP takes pride of place

Jan 11, 2016, 11:25 AM

PPP – Public Private Partnership - has increasing served as the most reliable engine pumping the growth of businesses and the development of the national economies of nations.From the West to the East and to Asia, PPPs have served well in turning small beginnings to great business empires.

In The Gambia, while this approach is rapidly unfolding, the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has committed itself to taking the concept of PPP to the inner circles of businesses and other economic operators in the country.Throughout the year 2015, the Chamber has been fervently promoting PPPs and with its 2015/16 fair – Trade Fair Gambia International (TFGI) - PPP was given prominence, hence its theme: Promoting Public Private Partnership for National Development.

PPP is seen as one of a range of cooperative ventures between government and the private sector, including private finance initiative, joint ventures and concessions, outsourcing, and the sale of equity stakes in state-owned businesses.

The goal of PPPs has been to extend the perceived quality of private management to the delivery of public services.

The Gambia’s PPP policy states the following as major priority areas for investment: electricity sector; ferry services; water supply, solid waste management, sewerage, sanitation, etc.; road sector; air and seaports: telecommunication sector; health sector; agriculture-related projects; urban services such as street lighting and urban roads; sports such as stadia and other facilities; and government infrastructure and networks.

In realising these targets, the GCCI has, therefore, been working round the clock to take PPP to the doorsteps of the private sector in The Gambia.

Little wonder, therefore, that GCCI gives pre-eminence to PPP in the course of its TFGI 2015/16 – under the theme: Promoting Public Private Partnerships for National Development.

This can also be seen in the Chamber’s fruitful collaboration with institutions like GIEPA, the ministries Trade and Agriculture, EMPRETEC and agriculture projects like GCAV and NEMA, who sponsored most of the SMEs and MSMEs in agriculture to take part in the 2015/16 trade fair at the Independence Stadium.

It is, therefore, impressive of GCCI that it has made enough room for PPP to take pride of place in its promotion of businesses and the national economy in The Gambia, as the concept would make it possible for companies and businesses to invest and create wealth, as well as spur economic growth and development, both for themselves and for the nation.

“Creating a better The Gambia requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration.”

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