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Power-system Engineer owner talks on GreenTech innovation

Jul 12, 2013, 10:59 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Power-system Engineering owner Chris Dean, who also doubles as sales partner for GreenTech Company, is the latest stakeholder to add his voice on promoting the use of GreenTech-recommended stoves and groundnut shell briquettes as an alternative energy for cooking and heating.

Dean, who is also the secretary of the Renewable Energy Association of The Gambia (REAGAM), was speaking in an interview with this reporter at his office in Kanifing at the weekend.

According to him, GreenTech is an environmental solution provider using and turning waste groundnut shell into groundnut briquette to substitute fuel wood and charcoal, which is expensive and has environmental and health implications.

He said the briquettes are products to be used because the forest has been depleted and fuel wood is getting scarce, costly and the forest resources are dwindling on daily basis.

GreenTech has provided stove and briquette technology in The Gambia, which is affordable, accessible and cost-effective, he said: “GreenTech stoves have been designed specifically to suit the groundnut shell briquettes and prior to that, a lot of research has been conducted and it has been confirmed that GreenTech stove and briquette has been found to be cost-effective less time-consuming and produces less smoke during cooking process than firewood.”

The usage of GreenTech’s innovation means reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) carbon emissions, which helps the environment to keep the greenhouse gases down and little or no smoke, which is also a health benefit to women and children.

Mr Dean spoke at length on the important role played by GreenTech Company, adding that GreenTech has a foresight to protect the environment by providing environmental solutions through promoting the use of alternative cooking stoves made out of groundnut shell briquettes.

He used the opportunity to urge Gambians and non-Gambians in The Gambia to switch from using charcoal, fuel wood to reduce anthropogenic activities on the forest and its resources.

Dean added that the forest resources are dwindling on daily basis and the Government of The Gambia through its relevant ministries is doing its best to ensure the natural resources, particularly the forest resources, are protected and reserved for generation to come.