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Tanjeh Alkaloship Crisis rests in Peace

Aug 5, 2008, 7:32 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

There have been rumours and speculation in recent times that there is an Alkaloship crisis in the village of Tanjeh in Kombo South. This reporter has visited the area in an effort to get the facts and shed light on the subject.

Speaking to The Point at his residence in Tanjeh the Alkalo, Cherno Bojang, alias Alikali Bojang, said that the story was true and factual. He said that recently a Senegalese national called Momodou Manneh had been claiming that he was the Alkalo of a certain community in Tanjeh.

According to the Alkalo, the matter was settled finally as some security personnel came to the scene to intervene. He added that since the formation of Tanjeh as a community his family and clan are entitled to and have held the Alkaloship. He told The Point that he is the 8th Alkalo of Tanjeh since its formation.

Speaking about the development of Tanjeh, Mr. Bojang said that there is a serious need for a health centre in the village as the women are suffering a lot when they are in labour. He also spoke about the poor roads in the village along with the good drinking water.

He said that Tanjeh has a population of over 15,000 people and all of them cannot be supplied by a 60,000-litre water tank. "This is affecting our community negatively, especially those living on the outskirts," he stated.

He also mentioned the need for a proper market in the village.

While thanking the government for the concern for Gambian development he appealed to them and philanthropists to help Tanjeh with the difficulties being faced by the people.