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Taiwan-Gambia Trade Relations

Nov 17, 2009, 11:58 AM

The just concluded first Taiwan Gambia Business Council's meeting and the signing of a business agreement between the two countries is a step in the right direction.

The economic ties between The Gambia and a great country like the Republic of China on Taiwan is not only timely but relevant.

The Gambia and Taiwan have been and are still good friends and we hope that with this latest development it will further enchance our relations.

The Taiwanese investors have all the opportunity to invest in The Gambia. The country is just like Taiwan, simply because it's a peaceful nation. Our trade incentives are great, and the people are as friendly as their Taiwanese brothers and sisters.

As Ambassador Shih put it, at the signing ceremony, the trade agreement between the two countries would be dead if the content of the MOU is not implemented.

We, therefore, challenge all those concerned to work hard to ensure a successful implementation.

The high-powered trade and investment delegation for Taiwan to attend the current trade fair and the first trade council's meeting shows how committed our Taiwanese brothers are with regards to strengthening economic ties with The Gambia.

The emergence of Taiwanese investors into the Gambian market will further deepen relations between Taipei and Banjul.

We encourage our brothers from Taiwan to make the best use of the business opportunities available in The Gambia, to further enhance our bilateral relations.

On the other hand, we encourage the local businessmen and women to make the best use of this unique opportunity by forging partnership with Taiwanese business tycoons.