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Violence against women must stop

Aug 10, 2011, 11:30 AM

Gender-based violence should be discouraged, because it does not have a place in a civilized society where people are expected to behave  well.

Sometimes, as  a result of traditional beliefs or obligations women find themselves in, it is very  difficult  for them to report most of the abuses meted out on them to the authorities, be it direct or indirect abuses.

Some feel that reporting  such a thing to the authorities will cause them to lose  their job or  fear of  being humiliated by their menfolk.

It is high time that families started to report such cases to both the media and the authorities, as this would go a long way in curtailing abuses in our society.

The media can play a very important role in reducing gender-based violence in the society, but this can only be done provided they are given accurate and timely information on a subject matter they want to report on to the general  public.

People have to understand that the under-reporting of gender-based violence cases will not help us at all, as a country.

We should instead treat women fairly, rather than making them vulnerable to things they do not deserve.

We should not take advantage of certain weaknesses in them, to make us men to infringe on their rights.

Women are respected human beings, and we should protect them better, so that they can serve humankind and society to the best of their ability.

It is time that parents started to counsel their families about the effects of gender-based violence.

We should not leave it only in the hands of the school teachers, security personnel and experts to address the issue.

The experts working in the area of gender-based violence and child abuse should instead embark on a series of sensitization programmes, both at the community level and in the media.

Let us help to advocate against gender-based violence in the country.

We strongly believe that if all hands are put on deck, violence against women will become a thing of the past, not only in our country, but also the world as a whole.