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Tackling Climate Change

Jul 29, 2015, 11:22 AM

Climate change has been a major issue affecting nations worldwide. It has caused weather patterns to change, sea levels to rise dramatically, and ice caps in the North and South Pole to melt.

This has led to the frequent re-occurrence of floods, droughts and other natural disasters.

The Gambia is no exception to the problems and dangers posed by climate change. In recent years, we have seen heavy rains and flooding in areas like Ebo-town, Kotu, Manjai and Serekunda.

These floods have rendered people homeless, wrecked livelihoods and in severe cases killed innocent souls. Furthermore, drought has become a major problem in the country in recent years, and many farmers have been blaming the late rains for poor harvests, which could have severe impacts on agriculture should the trend continue over the next few years.

We, therefore, cannot simply fold our hands and watch this happen to our country; the public and the private sector of the Gambia must join hands in tackling this slow killer.

This is why ChildFund The Gambia last week dished out a grant worth D300,000 to the five coastal villages of Tanji, Brufut, Sanyang, Tujereng and Gunjur.

The aid is intended to reduce activities that contribute to environmental degradation such as felling of trees, and bush burning and sand mining, by empowering local businesses and assisting people in such communities to engage in other meaningful businesses devoid of environmental destruction. 

The Government of The Gambia on its part through the National Environment Agency (NEA) has initiated several programmes and schemes like the Adaptation to Coastal and Climate Change (ACCC) project in order to curb the dangers and impacts of climate change.

It has also spent millions of dalasis in nationwide sensitization projects, enacting and implementing environmental protection laws and donating monies to the communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in The Gambia.

These moves by the Government and private entities like ChildFund The Gambia should be applauded and appreciated by all and sundry.

Other organisations, companies, establishments and entities are also expected to do more to tackle climate change.

The international community should continue to do its part as well, since climate change is a global issue affecting every human on this planet.

The negative impacts of climate change have come as a result of our negative actions towards our environment, but positive changes in our attitude towards the environment can bring about positive results that will in the end save our dear planet Earth from the effects of climate change.

“The negative impacts of climate change have come as a result of our negative actions towards our environment.”

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