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Tackling bribery and corruption

Aug 14, 2013, 10:49 AM

The issue of bribery which actually means giving or receiving something of value to influence a transaction is a cause for concern in the country.

However, measures taken such as investigating and prosecuting cases of corruption in our courts is the right way to give a good image to our country.

As a country we need to put in more effective approaches to fighting bribery, while recognizing that tackling both the supply and the demand side of the bribery transaction requires different measures.

We mean those asking for a bribe and those giving it should all be punished for engaging in an unhealthy practice.

As far as we are concerned, there should be no mercy for corrupt officials and those engaged in bribery.

Citizens must come out to report any suspected instance of bribery or corrupt practice in all government transactions, if we want to help seriously address the problem.

In fact, we are of the view that people should be motivated to report any act of bribery and corruption.

If we go by recent newspaper reports about court cases, then it is obvious that we need to promote integrity among our public officials, who must go by proper work ethics and principles in the public service.