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Int’l Youth Network signs MoU with VISACA Apex

Aug 19, 2013, 11:02 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia chapter, an international youth network, on 6 August signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Village Savings and Credit Association Apex (VISACA Apex) at a ceremony held at VISACA Apex head office in Bakau.

The four-page MoU document aims at complementing and supporting the works of the two organizations in a bid to meet its desired targets.

The MoU is an expression of desires for both parties to execute their duties as agreed in the contractual document and is renewable in every 36 months but not legally binding.

Alhagie Mohammed Sawaneh, VISACA Apex General Manager, told reporters that the signing of the MoU between the two parties would complement each other’s work, saying that is a step in the right direction as no organization can do it all alone, as it reduces duplication of efforts.

According to him, the MoU is in line with the spirit of the VISCA Apex, adding that VISCA Apex focuses on creating opportunities for rural youths, especially women, in terms of microfinance loans, capacity enhancement among others to better prepare them (rural youths) to become responsible citizens to take charge of their rightful position in national development.

“Signing the MoU will strengthen the objectives of GYIN Gambia chapter and the VISACA Apex and key among them is to create opportunities for young people, which is a core mandate for GYIN Gambia chapter,” said Mr Sawaneh.

VISACA Apex, he stated, shall create the necessary conducive environment for the effective participation of GYIN Gambia chapter in the promotion of its programmes and activities in The Gambia and beyond.

The apex body of GYIN Gambia chapter as a youth network is pleased to partner with the network to combine efforts in supporting rural youths and women.

He said: “GYIN Gambia chapter is a genuine partner and the two organizations shall design and implement programmes and activities in the interest of Gambian youths and women in the rural regions in particular.”

For his part, GYIN Gambia chapter National Coordinator, Mamadou Edrisa Njie, expressed appreciation with officials of VISACA Apex for accepting the partnership with GYIN Gambia chapter.

The network, according to Mr Njie, is a youth-led network open to Gambian youths and it encourages youth participation in entrepreneurship and rural micro-enterprising who are driven by the network’s mission and vision and has the passion to see generational transformations and changes from the grassroots to the global level.

According to him, the MoU clearly shows the duties and responsibilities of both parties in the first 36 months and the way forward for both parties and some of the key points highlighted in MoU document include poverty reduction among poor rural youth and women; through exposure to opportunities, entrepreneurship, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.

Njie further explained that GYIN Gambia chapter is committed to capitalizing on the global and national entrepreneurial spirit of young women and men to overcome poverty and build healthy society for the Gambian community.

“Young people, irrespective of where they are, are always looking at possibilities or opportunities that they can use to unleash their potentials, which are sometimes driven by their quests to independently overcome socio-economic barriers or inspired by important personalities who have distinguished themselves exceptionally in a specific field,” Njie said.

Njie went on to say that both parties shall organize joint consultation meetings, reviews and evaluation of activities and programmes.

According to Njie, the network is a charitable organization and non-political or religious in its efforts to provide opportunities to develop and improve the lives of the many young people in the country.